What happens in Vegas…is free spins!

las-vegas-signWe’ve all had that saying about what happens in Vegas. The city in Nevada that is always recognised for their bright lights, 24-hour action and of course…the casino’s! Las Vegas is for many, the global hub for all things betting, gambling and all that comes with that. As a result of this, it’s no surprise that NetBet have recently dedicated a whole section of their successful website to ‘Vegas.’

This new section falls under the Casino registrar on NetBet, so if you’re registered on the Casino page of the site; you will be also on the Vegas page. So don’t worry, you won’t have to have two separate accounts, you can have one and switch between the two. As a result of them newly forming this site on the page, like everywhere else on the NetBet brand, promotions are aplenty!


When signing up on NetBet Vegas, as many as ten free spins are available to each player on the most popular games on the site. Many of these online slots included are involving some of the most recognisable superheroes in comic history. The games included in this exclusive offer are the: X-Men games, Iron Man editions, Captain America, Spiderman, Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four etc. You can even be Sherlock Holmes when logged onto Vegas?!

This offer isn’t going to hang around for anyone though, so new players will need to register quickly if they’re to get involved in the offer and become one of the famous superheroes. So when people ask about what happens in Vegas, you can correct them about becoming your favourite comic hero and winning money via free spins.

Going to Vegas, you can still dress up as your famous comic book hero in fancy dress if you visit there on a stag do or something. But hey, it would save you a lot more money to just play from the comfort of your own home whilst using your free spins. If you want to get into character and be dressed up whilst on your laptop, then who’s stopping you!

Yet the next time you hear about what is happening in Vegas being a secret, you know you’ll have the best secret of them all. The one where you get to be your favourite child hero whilst playing some great slot games – for free! So sign up with NetBet Vegas, and live your dreams and visit the bright lights of the 24 hour city today; but without all the long hour flight and finding a hotel with a spare room. With the free spins, there has never been a better time to do so!

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