Choose Your Slot Machine Wisely And Read The Instructions!

There’s no doubt about the fact that the evolution of slot machines has taken some huge leaps ever since the introduction of these automated gambling devices back in the 1887. Throughout their history, slot machines have gone through radical changes, from mechanical systems to electric versions and finally the computer alternative that is omnipresent in online casinos nowadays.

However, the modifications applied to these gambling apparatuses don’t exclusively imply technical functionality upgrades, but also include a wide variety of flashy designs and payout regulations. Therefore, irrespective of whether you prefer playing slots in a land based or online casino, you should become familiar with the individual specs of the machine beforehand.

What info do you need and where can you find it?

In the older versions of the slot machines, the gamblers could generally check out the details regarding winning symbol combinations as well as machine-specific bonuses on the front side label. This standard is still applicable to the vast majority of land based slot games nowadays, except that the position of the label sticker could differ.

In regards to the computer slots game that you can play in an online casino, the establishment is required to post a video displaying the potential winning combinations and their associated payout. However, most people choose to skip the step of reading/viewing the payout information, which is a huge mistake. Let’s find out why!

Why are the instructions important?

At first glance, the simplicity of the game might make you believe that reading the instructions is a waste of time. In other words, since all slot machines function on the principle “Insert the cash and pull the lever” or the online alternative “Link the credit card and click the spin button”, what else do you need to know? Well, for starters, you should find out the specific bonuses of the device in order to adjust your playing style. Let me share a little story that can help you understand what I mean.

The 1980’s Reno moneymaker

Having pulled at a hotel in Reno to enjoy a night on the town and being a gambling enthusiast, I couldn’t help but notice the enticingly large and well designed slot machine in the lobby. Nothing unusual so far, at least not until I noticed a middle aged woman constantly walking up to the machine, taking a couple spins and going back to her table. “Why didn’t she continue playing?” I wondered, why the hiatus gameplay approach? It was only later, when I analyzing the label of the slots machine that I figured her strategy out. As it turns out, the bonus of the machine was the guarantee that every 10th spin would pay out $5, irrespective of the combination!


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